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Body-Streaming Sequence

Spacial Dynamics®
Sliding-Scale Rate: $50-80 pp/hr

Movement for Health Education; personalized
Rates: $50.00 pp/hr
Enjoy a gentle and tailored approach to support your body as it is now, and create a healthful vision and plan for the future. Sessions take place in your home, office, or the great outdoors. 

Group Classes:  $10.00/class/hour/person. Minimum of 3 people for a group class required.

Nature Adventures
Rates: Group or individual rates TBD based on activity, equipment and distance
In collaboration with Kabernet Adventure Quest, explore bicycling, backpacking, camping, kayaking and more. Outings tailored for individuals and groups. Group rates for 3 or more. We are fully insured. 
Enjoy the healing affects of nature at a pace you are comfortable with!

Young Living™Essential Oils
Learn about these oils and their applications in an intimate setting. Browse the website; order from anywhere in the world. Become a distributor. Pricing available upon request. Looking for a specific oil? We can order for you! Bottles as small as 2ml.

End-of-Life Planning
Rates: $75/hour; 1-4 people can share the session.
Facilitation of dialogue regarding end-of-life planning resulting in completed documentation that identifies your health care agent, designated funeral agent and personalized choices for end-of-life care. Families find it helpful and even fun to discuss their own and others' major event together where they can discuss and explore to gain a true understanding of what the individual wants. Give the gift of peace to yourself and knowledge to your loved ones.

Home Funeral Consultation
Rates: $75/hour for the first visit; $50 for consecutive hours
Service combinations are available to suit your needs. Consultation by phone or in person will include checklists for family members, referrals for goods and services, training in procedure and practices and addressing all questions and concerns.

Presentations & Training Workshops
Rates: $75/hour
Zalene Corey is available to speak and hold workshops for your family or organization on the following topics:

  • Care of the body.
  • How to create a meaningful, family-centered home funeral. This could be for an hour or several days.
  • Sharing and talking about death, including green initiatives.
  • Check out the talk on video file at the Phoenixville Public Library! 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Is it legal to do it yourself?

A. Pennsylvania law (Chapter 35 Title 450.504) clearly indicates the rights of families to conduct any and all funeral details, including care of the body, transportation, and filing necessary paperwork. We can help sort through any additional rules that apply.

Q. Is embalming mandatory?

A. Embalming is not required in any state (except in rare and specific instances), and alternative cooling methods are sufficient for 1 to 3 days in the home or other appropriate venue. If the family chooses a direct burial or cremation, there is no need to incur refrigeration or transportation fees. 

Q. What do funerals cost?

A. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, in 2010, the average modern funeral in the U.S. cost $7,755 - for basic non-declinable fees, embalming, other body prep, transportation, use of facilities, an average metal casket, concrete outer burial vault, and use of a hearse. This does not include a cemetery plot or opening and closing fees, cremation fees, obituaries, flowers, monuments, grave markers, musician, or clergy honorariums to assist in funeral or memorial services. This cost is on the rise.
At-home funerals, direct cremations and burials, and family-directed memorials may cost a fraction of that, depending on which services the family wishes to perform itself. Families can also purchase locally made, biodegradable caskets and urns directly from companies and artists or make them at a significant cost savings. 

Q. What if we only want to do some things and not others?
A. Consumers have the right to choose services they want to hire and those they can take on independently.
Discussion of this hybrid feature is part of the circle of options and discussions a family will have with a home funeral consultant. Be aware that emergency circumstances may warrant hiring the services of a funeral home.

Q. How long can we keep our loved one at home?
A. You may sit in peace with your loved one up to 24 hours before calling for assistance in the case of an expected death. Let your hospice workers know ahead of time that the body will remain in the home. In PA there is a 24 hour wait before cremation. When using a funeral home decisions need to be made after 24 hours regarding embalming, sealing the body in a casket or refrigeration.

Q. How can Gentle Passages help?

A. Individuals who leave detailed instructions concerning their funeral or memorial wishes leave an immeasurable gift.  Empowering families to focus on the unique family member and how to memorialize them in a unique and creative way is a highlight of a home funeral. Developing a comfort level and relationship with death facilitates the process. Learning one's consumer's rights and how to approach funeral directors to learn about options is a hallmark of the experience for self or for loved ones.

Funeral consultations with the family include:

  • Providing checklists as guides for the family
  • Providing referrals for goods and services only as needed or requested by the individual or family (advocating for choice is an important part of the process)
  • Addressing questions and concerns---understanding options is a primary focus!​

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Consultation & Education

Gentle Passages offers a variety of educational consultative services to individuals regardless of personal, spiritual, or religious, beliefs. Options are available for those facing financial challenges, including sliding scale fees based on the honor system. We strongly believe everyone should have access to excellent health care and options regarding individualized end-of-life planning. If the lower end of the scale is prohibitive, we are happy to find a solution that works for both parties.