“I love how the body work makes me feel. Best of luck with the business and I will be singing your praises to any and all. I’ve had a lot of bodywork and this is very different; powerful! I became deeply relaxed. The first time it was a surprise and it worked. The second time I knew it was coming and it still was awesome!”

- Amy S.

"Zalene, you are a breath of fresh air!   Thank you for fabulous outdoor experiences that gave me a fresh perspective at a hectic time and challenged me to use my body more than I would have on my own.  I also appreciate your guidance in helping me think about transitional phases in life, both for family members and me.  Many thanks,"

- Kris K.

Body-Streaming Sequence is a body-mind practice that invites the recipient to experience movements to sustain the natural incoming and outgoing energy streams that support the body in its desire to stand upright. These streams can enliven the physical body and, in turn, the body’s life-supporting systems. The energy streams fortify the individual and create a sense of peace, bringing a sense of connection to one’s body pre- or post-surgery or following an injury. The body-streaming sequence will also offer comfort to those coping with illness, frailty, or those who are confined to bed or home.  Recipients of this offspring of Spacial Dynamics® are clothed while lying prone and supine on a bodywork table for a full session. Shorter sessions can address specific body areas. Clients can also receive a treatment standing or sitting in a chair. Clients follow the streams kinesthetically while the intellect has a chance to let go and relax deeply. Clients have the experience of new thoughts and habits emerging when they engage with the sequence. What appears to be passive has an energizing quality for one’s life forces.

Spacial Dynamics® consists of exercises for meditation, posture awareness, fitness, and fun. This movement practice helps individuals to develop awareness and presence while unlocking their body’s fullest kinesthetic intelligence. Postural changes enhance self-image and enliven the space within and surrounding the physical body. Individuals will receive the benefits of greater comfort, confidence, and skill as the practices become part of daily life. One woman overcame middle age resignation and lost 22 pounds!

Reiki is the Universal Life Force, recognized and established in hospitals, alternative health, and wellness care settings.  Reiki has brought peace, rebalancing, and revitalization to millions worldwide. Individuals, fully dressed, relax in a comfortable position. Sessions range from 10 to 60 minutes. Zalene is Reiki Usui certified.

Young Living™Essential Oils are high-grade therapeutic oils and align with the mission of Gentle Passages. The many and diverse oils provide a soothing supplement to your self-care. Explore this healing medium for your health and well-being. 

Living with Passion

Living with Passion through outdoor adventures and body sculpting.
Nature Adventures promotes the great outdoors as a healing medium and source of rebalancing. Whether you are able-bodied or wheelchair bound, your own distinct experience in the great outdoors awaits you. Adventure opens the heart, soul, and mind to new frontiers. The frequency of nature's sounds helps to rebalance the physical, emotional, and spiritual essence within. Making this possible for an individual with cancer or dementia offers a restorative and dignified experience that those dying may still yearn for. The adventures are right where we are! We collaborate with Kabernet Adventure Quest and are fully insured.