Your unconditional love is discernible from the services and items you purchase. One does not equal the other. Have peace with simplicity and sensitivity for affordable choices.

Gentle Passages does not offer financial, legal, or medical advice. Regarding home funeral services, Gentle Passages is in no way considered a funeral establishment. All fees paid to Gentle Passages, are for consulting services and education to individuals and families wanting a private home funeral.  

Zalene is a member of the National Home Funeral Alliance and the Funeral Consumer's Alliance. 

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“When everyone you ever known is heading for a tombstone I don’t want to give the end away But we’re gonna die one day“ 

Idiot Heart; Carsie Blanton, Album release 2012

Getting to Know Me

Founder Zale ne C. Corey graduated with her Master of Science degree from Indiana State University. She has coached, lived with and taught elementary-aged children, young adults and adults with and without disabilities in traditional and alternative settings. A mother of two young adults, she raised her children in an intentional community setting where honoring life phases was an important aspect of community life for her.
Now an entrepreneur, Zalene enjoys sharing her life experiences to help others deal with some of life’s greatest challenges. Her many activities and accomplishments include: work in the Chester County Prison as a trained Threshold volunteer; and certification in Social Therapy, Youth Guidance and Spacial Dynamics®.

She became a Home Funeral Guide in response to accompanying her parents through their illnesses and deaths. She has also supported friends and families in their need to create individualized passages for their loved ones and for themselves. Through Gentle Passages, she offers others the opportunity to have deep and meaningful conversations while fostering relationships and calling on community resources. Movement and nature are the strongest inspirations for this work together.